Why CADblanche? Well this is why.

CADblanche started as passionate technicians who developed software to automate repetitive and time-consuming work. With the engineering as a solid background, we make suitable software for your situation.

  • Shorter lead time

    Shorter lead time

    Because the repetitive work is done by the CADblanche Platform, the speed of the calculation and design process is increased. In addition, by cleverly defining input options in the configurator, inefficient and unwanted options are also avoided. This results in a streamlined design and production process which has a major impact on lead times.

  • Configure anytime, anywhere

    Configure anytime, anywhere

    Because the CADblanche Platform works from a cloud application, a configuration can be made anywhere in the world. There is no concern about updates. There is an uptime of almost 100% and the data is stored in multiple locations. Everywhere in the world you can connect with our configurator, the system runs on any device with an internet browser and an internet connection.

  • Less chance of error

    Less chance of error

    We love making choices. This allows us to also record these choices in the Platform of CADblanche. This makes the system straight forward and stops errors. These choices are recorded during an intensive audits that the CADblanche team does during the implementation process. Of course it is possible to adjust a choice in the Platform because for example, a process or improvement is implemented. Also crucial is that during the implementation we think along with you with our experience and expertise to come to the best Platform for your needs.

  • Connectivity of machines

    Connectivity of machines

    Because of the high-quality and fixed structure of the models which are generating according to the agreed standard by the Platform, extracting data for machines, production tools or other software, is easy. Due to the clear and effective way of processing this data and because the software knows which machine will produce what and what the limitations of the machine are, the machine will ask only for the data required. This combination makes it possible to exchange data in a simple and effective way. For this, UNITECHNIK, PXML, BVBS, JSON, CSV or IFC type files can be used. And yes, Excel is also possible.

  • Locking product-specific knowledge

    Locking product-specific knowledge

    Because the choices are recorded, they also continue to exist. This is useful when, for example, staff leave the company or new people arrive your company. The agreements made are clearly traceable. By analyzing these agreements, bottlenecks can be quickly addressed and possibly improved.

  • Link to ERP system

    Link to ERP system

    The CADblanche Platform provides the possibility to connect commonly used ERP systems. In addition, CADblanche can also handle stand-alone systems very well. Due to the relatively simple but effective setup of the database, a connection can always be realized. For example, a direct link of items from the shopping list which is generated from the BIMfP. Another example is connecting the quantities of the model, direct from the CADblanche database to a number database, so that you can generate a cost estimate in no time that matches 100% to what is designed.

  • Insight into materials and consumables

    Insight into materials and consumables

    Each generated model contains all correct required information of the specific product and/or element as standard. This allows the user or even supplier itself to see the required materials and consumables needed for the project. In this way you, but also a supplier, can anticipate on the coming production period. It will be even more fun if you share this information with your suppliers!

  • Automatically a good data structure

    Automatically a good data structure

    CADblanche stands for a standard method to record design behavior and information. This standardized way of handling algorithms and metadata ensures that the structure of the data is constant and always of high quality. A good data structure offers endless possibilities in the field of automation. The possibilities for the future of your company suddenly become endless, you can make dreams come true again!

  • Your process under control

    Your process under control

    CADblanche, as the name already reveals, starts blank and will organize your process without any rooted culture. Existing processes are inventoried, analyzed and, where possible, improved. Because these processes are clearly described in the CADblanche Platform, there is a clear starting point. By means of possible improvement methods or change management in accordance with ISO9001: 2015, areas that are eligible for improvement can be clearly indicated. By tackling this systematically, a positive effect on your process will be evident.

  • Big Data extraction and analysis

    Big Data extraction and analysis

    By making smart use of the generated production data you can achieve huge benefit in your business operations. You can think of applications to determine production quantities, but you can also provide insight into how many consumables you have to buy. By linking your CADblanche data to other Big Data sets, you can gain useful insights within your organization. For example, do you know what the influence of the weather conditions is on your production speed?

  • More efficient staffing

    More efficient staffing

    The designs generated from the CADblanche Platform are interchangeable. This makes it possible to establish schedules at project and/or element level at an early stage. This increases the awareness within the organization. This makes it noticeable what the effect of last-minute changes is. This can have a major impact on the workload at a specific location and the job satisfaction of the staff. As a company you would like to anticipate quickly to these changes but still ensure the continuity within the production facility.

CADblanche, are they what I need?

The possibilities of parametric design are growing day by day and the benefits are seen by the manufacturing industry but also by contractors in construction. CADblanche uses standard parametric design tools to create high-quality models. These are parametrically enriched with information that is readily available for smart modules, all from one single source of truth. We call such a 3D model “BIM for Production” or BIMfP for short.

They already innovate with CADblanche

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