CADblanche Framework

The possibilities of the revolutionary CADblanche framework are already noticed by the manufacturing industry and construction-related companies. Using our specialized software and expertise in engineering, high-quality designs are made or generated, every time again in an efficient and error-free manner, ready for industry 4.0 applications. We distinguish three elements in the framework. The configurator, the auto generator and the output modules. These elements within the CADblanche framework create a BIMfP model for all possible situations, ready for use in production.


The configurator is the online “information gatherer” of the framework and serves as a tool for structured input of design choices. The CADblanche configuration system ensures that you can quickly configure construction concepts on location with your customer. In many cases, the customer can make the configurations by a customer portal after which a quotation automatically follows. This online customer portal is developed with our partner Elfsquad. The system can also be linked to ERP systems and forecasts can be generated.

Auto generator

We can call the auto generator the beating heart of the CADblanche framework. Here, all data from the configurator is collected in a central database, after which BIM for Production models can be generated. A digital model of the design, which forms the basis for further production, manufacture or the further design of your project or product. By building models and matching the associated metadata, a BIMfP has been generated in which all information is displayed at the correct location within the model. How many configurations you convert into a BIMfP is not important, the model will always be of the same quality. This is the required and solid foundation for the CADblanche output modules.

Output modules

From the automatically generated BIMfP it is possible to generate output modules. You can think of a extraction of quantities, a CO2 calculation tool, export files for machine control, but also applications like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. These output modules are available separately and can be adapted to your specific wishes. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities of specific CADblanche output modules.

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