Due to a direct need for design efficiency, CADblanche was asked to parameterize a new type of bridge beam, the OQ beam. The key factors have been organized for this purpose and mutual relationships between components have been established. In this case these were the concrete geometry of the beam, the reinforcing bars, prestressing strands and the cast in object within the elements.

In a regular design process, every new project involves at least one single thought about all decision points that may occur. Some decisions make sense and are always the same, people are considering others. Proposals are made from these thoughts. Elements and dimensions are changed and optimized. These new perceptions are often processed on the drawing or in the model, until everyone can live with the decisions as they have been processed. A time-consuming activity that can be prevented by capturing the freedom of play once. This freedom of design is efficient only up to a certain level of detail. CADblanche has implemented this decomposition for this type of beam. Ultimately, all parametric components were delivered to model every possible type of OQ beam completely 3D and clash-free in a fraction of the original design time. This to the great satisfaction of the client and users.

" The parameterization process has led to a standardized OQ box girder, while retaining its flexible deployability."


Parametric tools


extremely fast


Clashfree model

"ctrl C"

ready for the next!

" We have succeeded in significantly reducing lead times and failure costs."

Afterwards it can be said that an important opportunity was captured (at a time when the term parametric design was not even found via google) and that it worked out well. A structured approach and good cooperation have led to:

  • an innovative development to be proud of
  • greater design capacity with the same staffing
  • a shorter preparation time for production
  • a clash-free design and a perfect geometric alignment with the overall design
  • clear internal and external communication through direct visual feedback
  • gaining insight into the degree of efficiency that is achieved by decisions
  • the actual goal, to deliver a new high quality product.

Due to a merger with Spanbeton, the branch of Betonson in Son was closed a few years later. This is in stark contrast to this technical tour de force created by a fantastic team!