De Hamer beton

Inspection shafts or manholes are an important part of a sewer system. These sewage pits are necessary to connect pipelines together and to make the lines accessible for inspection and cleaning. Specific applications of inspection chambers can be found in situations where angular rotations are desired or where the diameter of the pipes changes. In addition, a shaft can be part of an overflow, a pumping station or a catch-pit.

The elements of De Hamer can be used in combination with all pipe materials, but together with concrete pipes they form a homogeneous construction. An important fact, if one thinks about the sustainability of a system. You can understand that such a chamber construction is very variable and must also be flexible in basic terms. This means that no chamber is the same, but the production method must be as generic as possible. This is a situation where the parametric components from CADblanche can be used perfectly. The widest possible range of solutions can be generated by one automated process.

"With the components made by CADblanche we can design our manholes parametrically and generate a BIMfP."


Dimension certainty


Correct metadata


Parametric design

1 minute

lead time to BIMfP

" Thanks to good cooperation and the experience at CADblanche, our business processes will be considerably improved."

For De Hamer beton in Nijmegen, CADblanche analyzed the existing design processes for the inspection chambers. After this all possibilities of the inspection shafts they produce have been mapped. Parametric behavior models have been produced at element level using a smart decomposition. These can be controlled manually or included in a fully autonomous CADblanche framework. All these models together can compile any possible variant, including metadata and production data. As an output module, the production drawings are also fully automated.