FP McCann

In early 2016, an innovation-driven CADblanche technical team was approached by FP McCann. It was asked to develop automated engineering tools for a new product range within the FP McCann Group. The target? That FP McCann can automatically control the production of the MLSC (Large Sized Chambers) and MPS (Panel Systems) and use the models for customer and production benefits. The CADblanche framework is used to automatically generate the BIM for Production (BIMfP). FP McCann can not only control machines with this data, but also communicate directly with the customers and generate in minutes a first concept model. The automation is set up in such a way that the sales team can fill in the parameters for their specific construction concept, which corresponds to the most efficient production method but with respect for the customer’s wishes for the design.

"When we receive a BIM award as a team, we apparently do something excellent!"

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Tekla BIM awards 2016


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"The automatic structural calculation always provides a suitable solution in accordance with the English standard."

These product groups (or rather building concepts) are designed with an automated design program that combines Excel, Tekla Structures and an ERP system. This may rightly be called the predecessor of "The CADblanche framework". A combination of parametric components is used to automatically generate the BIM for Production (BIMfP). This results in a variety of over 3,600,000,000,000 different options for the MLSC only! A programmed script makes it possible for the sales team to automatically generate the full structural calculation, the quotation, the BIMfP in Tekla, the IFC, the parts list, the overview drawings and the production drawings. Together with the team of CADblanche and FP McCann, we have developed a complete parametric BIM automation that has set the CADblanche standard for future BIM engineering automation. An unprecedented world-class performance!

A nice addition to this project was that we won the Tekla BIM awards for this project.