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The use of prefab foundation beams as a construction concept has expanded enormously in recent years. The prefab foundations of IJB Group are calculated and drawn by the in-house design team. This design forms the basis for both the production and the assembly of the elements. CADblanche has manufactured 3D parametric components incl. Interface for the foundation beams. This allows the modeler to make the bars adjustable by changing the parameter input and all metadata for exchange with the customer or production is automatically created in a correct manner. It also gives the possibility to automate the generation of the beams including reinforcement, without losing required flexibility, this was a must and needed to be guaranteed!

You can contact the IJB Group for all foundation structures for residential buildings, apartment buildings and for many utility buildings. They can assemble the foundation from a wide range of standard beam dimensions.

CADblanche has also become a fan of prefab foundations!

"The IJB group is very pleased with the components developed by CADblanche. Prefab foundation beams are easily compiled into BIMfP models."


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"The smooth cooperation, the available knowledge of concrete construction and the software experience from CADblanche makes that the IJB group is making huge leaps forward."

By using parametric design concepts, the design process and the production process can be realized in an extremely short time frame. The starting point for this project: use all detailed implementation knowledge that you can get your hands on so that the realization process can be controlled as directly as possible by means of the semi-automatically generated model. One should not model more than necessary. The computer will mainly have to do the 'logical work'. Ultimately, the user controls with the parameters that literally make 'the difference'. Assigning the correct metadata should no longer be a manual task. A fully digital parametric model can be used directly in the production process and can of course be linked to machines, ERP and be used for quoting. In any case, there is now an opportunity to exchange very richly filled IFC models with third parties. These reference models are automatically enriched with metadata in accordance with national guidelines. It is now "little BIM", but CADblanche expects that clients of IJB group will certainly be able to use the BIMfP production models in the future to fine-tune their activities. This will only benefit the already pleasant cooperation.