CADblanche Tools

CADblanche provides you with enormous added value with introduction of the CADblanche Tools. Our team have created user-friendly solutions with unprecedented impact! You can generate ready-made production data anytime, anywhere. With our Tools we generate BIMfP models in open standards (IFC) or export directly to native software such as Allplan, Revit and Tekla. Did you know that CADblanche is even an official Tekla Partner Program Member? Useful if you want to produce innovation-oriented! Do you want to know more? We would be happy to give you a live demonstration.


The CADblanche FloorDesigner is a hugely powerful CAD-independent application for dividing floor fields with different construction concepts such as thermofloors and hollow-core slabs. The FloorDesigner provides you with the basis for Industry 4.0 applications.

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By using our specialized software and expertise in autonomous engineering, the online CADblanche ConfigurationPlatform creates high-quality designs completely autonomously. Unique, efficient and error-free every time. Immediately ready for industry 4.0 applications.

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With the CADblanche StairDesigner you can generate standardized concrete stairs based on your production standards. All possible solutions are available and are generated in a fixed data structure, immediately ready for production!

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CADblanche RoofDesigner


The RoofDesigner from CADblanche is the leading autonomous engineering tool to configure and produce your precast wooden roof structure. Assured to quickly produce a validated data model of a complex roof structure in your BIMfP anytime!

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In just a few automated steps, you can now generate precast insulation elements for your project by using our powerful CADblanche algorithm. The validated BIMfP objects can be used directly as input for the latest automated production methods.

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The CADblanche BrickDesigner eliminates complex brick configurations made by time-consuming manual modeling and production techniques. The BrickDesigner will place your desired brick layouts correctly in the production model with all meta data generated for export to production.

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The CADblanche ExportAll guarantees unambiguous and traceable data exports for production purposes. No more human errors, no more research about what precast elements are in production and everyone is guaranteed to work according to the same process. The ExportAll makes it possible.

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The CADblanche RebarDesigner saves you a lot of time and prevents errors in the engineering process of reinforcement meshes and reinforcing bars. The result is a BIMfP model that can be used directly for production purposes.

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Automatically generate unambiguous content from your Product Information Management database, without the intervention of third-party software. It may sounds like a dream of every supplier in the building industry. Based on your product information, the CADblanche PIM2DOC can generate your prefered content completely autonomously.

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