The development and delivery of housing shells is a specialty that requires a relatively large amount of coordination and engineering. With the introduction of CADblanche AutoCasco, this labour-intensive process belongs to the past. Whether you supply shells in concrete, wood, steel or another material, CADblanche AutoCasco will relieve you of an enormous amount of work without sacrificing creativity and flexibility. Within the preconditions of your building concept, all variations can be configured quickly. This means millions to billions of options! In Tekla, CADblanche AutoCasco sets up your complete model within seconds and it can be enriched with production information. This means that the model is validated and contains a perfect data structure.

"All business logic in one configurator. This allows us to quickly generate solutions for any situation."

No more

time issues




your data



"In addition to an enormous efficiency boost, applying CADblanche AutoCasco also leads to a higher quality process."

A validated CADblanche AutoCasco model enables a more direct export to production. In combination with the CADblanche ExportAll, for example, you can choose an export routine that creates documents, files or data links. This makes the engineering and work preparation process extremely simple and easily controllable. With the CADblanche AutoCasco you get more grip on your model data, you no longer waste valuable time for modeling and making changes, you avoid manual checks and your detailing is always up to date. Experience the convenience of the CADblanche AutoCasco yourself and let us convince you of the benefits of autonomous engineering!

CADblanche has developed the CADblanche AutoCasco tool through an intensive constructive collaboration with Heembeton. This has made it a tool that all parties involved can be proud of!