The CADblanche BrickDesigner eliminates complex brick configurations and time-consuming manual modeling and production techniques. Based on a user-friendly interface, minimum input like the area, the type of masonry brick and the masonry bond, the BrickDesigner will generate and place the possible brick layouts correctly in the production model. Full bricks and brickslips can be used. This also includes glue lines on any type of surface. Here you can think of concrete walls or timber frame panels.

Download the demo and get started right away!

"Yes, every digital piece contains exactly the right production data in the correct hierarchy!"


for robotics




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Industry 4.0 ready

"This saves us a lot of research and time and there is less chance of error!"

Based on all data down to the smallest element level, your production can be further automated and robotised. Each brick element contains the information you need for (machine) production, stock management and more. The brick elements can be delivered by your preferred stone supplier. This does mean they need to deliver the correct bricks with exactly the right tolerances and characteristics. We are pleased that CADblanche provides the unambiguous source of structured information for controlling your high-quality production line. Ready for the future!

The BrickDesigner is a tool that you simply have to experience to realize the impact. Download the demo and get started right away!

CADblanche has developed the BrickDesigner through an intensive constructive collaboration with Vandersanden. This has resulted in a tool that everybody involved can be proud of! The CADblanche BrickDesigner fits perfectly in the RoboBrick concept that Vandersanden provides for their customers. CADblanche continues to develop the tool. The CADblanche BrickDesigner is available for the entire construction industry.