The possibilities of the revolutionary CADblanche ConfigurationPlatform are being picked up by the manufacturing industry and construction-related companies. By using our specialized software and expertise in engineering, high-quality designs are created completely autonomously. Unique, efficient and error-free every time, ready for industry 4.0 applications. We distinguish three elements in the CADblanche ConfigurationPlatform. The online ProjectManager in which you manage your configurations anytime and anywhere. The invisible AutoGenerator which autonomously takes care of your engineering and the OutputModules that convert your BIMfP into concrete documents or files that you can download immediately. With this, CADblanche creates a BIMfP model that is ready for production. This process completes every time without any manual actions! You can manage your configurations and download export files in the online ProjectManager. It is available online anytime and anywhere.

The ConfigurationPlatform is by definition suitable for work planners and engineers at prefab suppliers who always deliver customized objects from a standardized building concept. Think of retaining walls, dockpits, sewer systems, foundations, window frames, sills, building elements, bridges, street furniture, etc. The possibilities are endless!

"While the AutoGenerator is realizing my design, I already configure my next object online."


unambiguous data


in no-time




validated data

"I have now provided my orders with correct custom documentation in no time."

We may call the AutoGenerator the invisible smart core of the CADblanche Platform. Here all data from the ProjectManager is collected in a central database, after which BIM for Production models can be generated using our powerful algorithms. By building models unambiguously and matching the associated metadata, a BIMfP has been generated in which all information is displayed in the right place. It does not matter how many configurations you convert into a BIMfP, the model will always be of the same quality. This is a necessary solid foundation for the CADblanche output modules. Your patience will no longer be tested.

The automatically generated BIMfP models from the AutoGenerator can be linked to output modules. You can think of, for example, bill of materials, drawings for customers or production, a CO2 calculation, machine control files, but also applications in the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality. These output modules are available separately and can be adapted to your specific wishes. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities or a demonstration.