CADblanche has investigated how much time and risk of errors can be saved at prefab production companies by automating the required exports from a model (BIMfP) in an unambiguously, chronologically and traceable manner, at all times. Perhaps you guessed it, this impact is truly staggering! In theory, many human routines for the conversion of production data add no value to the product. Actually, human action often results in unintentional errors in the source data. Many transitions from the model to actual production are still realized by generating static information carriers (paper documents, PDF, etc.). We would like to avoid these killers for Industry 4.0 applications!

The ExportAll application from CADblanche solves this for you. While providing certain flexibility. This one tool guarantees the chronology, clarity and traceability of the exports made for your production facility!

With a little bit smart filtering I can instantly see which files from what element have been exported!

The source

for robotics


validated data

Up to 5x

faster exports


from the BIMfP

Team CADblanche made a continuously time-consuming and complex process super simple!

We can specifically set up the CADblanche ExportAll for your company. The export modules work separately from each other but are uniformly controlled and configured by the ExportAll. An administrator at your company will be responsible for the company settings. The users can export all needed data from the BIMfP model in one fixed way. This is done quickly, unambiguously and controlled. All model objects that are exported are provided with log information after the export. Because of this metadata added to the elements, you can always see in your BIMfP which elements have already been sent to production. Handy and useful!

Since we have a maintenance license on the ExportAll, we are always immediately available for questions and you benefit from our future developments. Would you like to experience what the CADblanche ExportAll tool can do for you? Please feel free to contact us without any obligation. We are happy to inform you.