The CADblanche FloorDesigner is a CAD-independent application for the automatic layout of floor fields with different building concepts such as thermofloors and hollow-core slabs.

The CADblanche FloorDesigner works on the basis of an unprecedentedly powerful algorithm that matches your construction method. Based on your input, the FloorDesigner provides structured data for all your Industry 4.0 applications in seconds.

"This is wonderful, I can only see possibilities with the help of this renewed process! Everything will be faster, better and more fun."


Industry 4.0 ready

8 times

faster than traditional


link with logistics


fits your concept

"You are the first development team that really comes up with something good, and proactive!"

A production model with structured and correct data, every time. Again and again. Fast and always correct for your production facility. The created geometric shapes and metadata is generically interchangeable in BIM, but also highly detailed. You can directly control production and even autonomously create machine instructions. The CADblanche team has separated the algorithm for dividing the floor element layout from the usually used CAD platforms. So whether you import or export from, for example, Revit, Tekla or Allplan, or even just use the exchange format IFC, it doesn't matter anymore! The FloorDesigner is a tool that you simply have to experience to realize the impact. A first necessary step into Industry 4.0 and eventually futuristic AI applications.

If you request a demo, a consultant will contact you shortly and show you it's power!