Each new engineering project requires human effort to fine-tune the integral design of structural wall elements, masonry and insulation optimally. This is a highly intensive and time-consuming process for many contractors and suppliers in the construction industry. CADblanche has developed a powerful tool for an optimal design of insulation elements that is in line with production practices of the insulation supplier. We proudly present the InsulationDivider.

Using an algorithm independent of any CAD-software, the InsulationDivider generates an optimal design of insulation elements for any situation. These generated digital elements can then be used to produce the physical insulation blocks. An optimal solution for your insulation design is therefore guaranteed to be modelled in the BIMfP. This is a benefit for the contractor and the supplier!

"The InsulationDivider is indispensable in our engineering process and produces the required data for the supplier."


for machine control


correct data




a correct solution

"Interaction between precast concrete walls and optimal anchor distribution are factored in the insulation design."

The InsulationDivider requires a certain amount of parametric standardisation of your product. If necessary, #TeamCADblanche can provide guidance in standardizing your building concept. After all, we are knowledgeable in the construction industry field, and we are willing assist you. The InsulationDivider perfectly fits in the collection of powerful CADblanche tools that are used in the construction industry. CADblanche’s vision on insulation standardization is concretely realized through the InsulationDivider, providing a usable tool that matches the expertise and knowledge of the supplier.

The InsulationDivider is developed with the intention to clearly guide the user through the insulation design process. Following a simple, automated, step-by-step procedure results in a validated “ready for production” data solution. Robotic systems, fed with the generated data, can therefore reliably produce the desired products. The InsulationDivider thereby reduces the required effort in preparatory work, leading to faster production and an optimal use of materials.

CADblanche has developed the InsulationDivider through an intensive constructive collaboration with Spaansen. This has resulted in a tool that everybody involved can be proud of!