As a supplier you probably want to generate useful and unambiguous content from your existing or new Product Information Management database. Generating error-free content traditionally takes time and is prone to errors. Generating attractive, consistent and correct content for websites, webshops and assortment folders is a serious task. Based on a fixed database format, you can now generate unambiguous content completely autonomously and fast using the CADblanche PIM2DOC! This includes beautiful renderings, 3D models, drawings and a project-specific JSON. And that JSON may be a useful “digital building block” for your future algorithms.

"The PIM2DOC needs unambiguous data to work properly, which increases the quality of our database."


in 5 seconds


visual content




your digital building block

"Not only unambiguous content, but also a digital building block for the future!"

In the case of the PIM2DOC tool, the knife cuts on three ways for you as a customer. The PIM2DOC tool provides your content at lightning speed in accordance to your process. The PIM2DOC tool also forces you to save unambiguous data in your product database. You can even use the PIM2DOC to validate this information. And finally, the PIM2DOC tool gives you the option to export the specifically configured product as a digital building block for future connection with autonomous design processes.

Are you curious about what the PIM2DOC can do for you as a company? Then please feel free to contact CADblanche. We are happy to tell you more about it and show you the innovative power of our software!