The CADblanche RebarDesigner saves you a huge amount of time and prevents errors in the engineering process of reinforcement meshes and reinforcing bars. The result of a configuration in the RebarDesigner is a validated BIMforProduction (BIMfP) that can be used for production purposes. This tool is completely parametric, user-friendly and flexible towards the future!

What a relief! No more worries about detailing issues.

Up to 10x

faster engineering


for machine control


margin of error


proof model

Always the right solution that is still flexible.

The result of a clever and structured design of the software ensures that every object contains the right information in detail. This applies to complete reinforcement meshes, but also to the smallest added rebar. This is always modeled in a fixed structure and in a fixed hierarchy. This automatically enables autonomous validation and exports towards your reinforcement bending and shearing machines. This makes the CADblanche RebarDesigner the essential tool that provides the source information for your BIMfP up to the smallest detail, while you will not feel limited in flexibility during configuration.