The CADblanche RoofDesigner could be considered the most innovative engineering tool in the world when it comes to wooden roof structures. Based on your standard, a variety of roof structures are generated in just a few seconds.

A well organized audit process is needed to make the RoofDesigner match the needs of your company. Analysis of your company’s business logic and practices enables us to configure the RoofDesigner. Thereafter, the main benefits come clear. Fewer errors, a more efficient design process and reliable model data will allow you to automate your production process in the future.

"All desired roof types, gutter details, openings and structural solutions are generated within seconds!"

CADblanche RoofDesigner


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validated data



"The result of CADblanche's work makes us rely on data in the BIMfP model."

The RoofDesigner is controlled through an intuitive User Interface. Handling of the tool is hence a pleasant experience. You can make various adjustments manually while the solution is continually updated to reflect modifications. You can also let your customers connect digitally and have them deliver their designs through a JSON or XML format. Use of this feature requires some advance preparation and coordination with your customers. CADblanche offers assistance in those preparations. The result will be a reduction in coordination. It makes sure there are less risks in daily operations.

The CADblanche RoofDesigner empowers you to take digital control over your structural roof designs.

CADblanche has developed the RoofDesigner through an intensive constructive collaboration with De Groot Vroomshoop. This has resulted in a tool that everybody involved can be proud of!

CADblanche RoofDesigner