CADblanche cases

No customer question is the same, so no solution is exactly the same. Below are several cases realized by #TeamCADblanche.

Mombarg Beton

Mombarg Beton is a company with a healthy innovative drive. CADblanche provides continuous R&D to realize their ambitions regarding BIM engineering. The development of autonomous engineering has led, among other things, to the CADblanche StairDesigner, which plays a crucial role in the sales platform

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CADblanche RoofDesigner

De Groot Vroomshoop

De Groot Vroomshoop is a company with a healthy ambition that perfectly matches current social needs! The RoofDesigner from CADblanche was developed in collaboration with De Groot Vroomshoop. This makes it a perfect autonomous engineering tool for them to configure and produce wooden roof structures.

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Barli building systems is a pleasant company with a healthy innovative drive. They are growing rapidly and as a result the work preparation faces the necessary challenges. CADblanche has been called in to find and implement digital optimizations in the engineering. An audit resulted in several points of interest and the development of the CADblanche ExportAll is a result.

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Heembeton (a CRH company) creates complete concrete casco structures. They produce reinforced concrete elements at two locations. Each with their own specifications and preconditions. CADblanche was asked to advise and assist Heembeton in the AutoCasco development process. A process optimization that results in standardization and optimization in work preparation.

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De Hamer beton

For De Hamer beton in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, the CADblanche team has analyzed the existing design processes for the manhole chambers. Parametric models were produced at element level using a smart decomposition. These seperate smart elements can be controlled manually or included in a fully autonomous design process. CADblanche created an online configurator for this.

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CBS beton

CBS beton, located in Belgium, supplies an impressive range of high-quality construction concepts internationally. CADblanche has set up an online configurator for CBS beton. They can generate flexible and completely autonomous production data within minutes. This can be considered a revolution within the Precast industry! CADblanche is therefore very honored to provide this piece of high-tech autonomous engineering for this renowned company.

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FP McCann

The parametric building concepts MLSC and MPS that CADblanche has produced for FP McCann are partly responsible for the creation of “The CADblanche ConfigurationPlatform”. A combination of parametric components is used to automatically generate the BIM for Production (BIMfP). FP McCann can not only control machines with this data, but also communicate directly with customers using BIM.

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IJB group

CADblanche is a fan of prefab, that is not a secret. The IJB group, located in Lemmer, The Netherlands, is also convinced of the advantages of prefab construction concepts and is therefore making good progress by investing in automation. To improve communication and integration with customers in the field of BIM, CADblanche has made parametric components so that the connection between foundation beams is always correct and both the 3D geometry and the metadata are guaranteed to be correct and complete.

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Due to a direct need for design efficiency, CADblanche was asked to parameterize a new type of bridge beam, the OQ beam. Key factors have been organized for this purpose and mutual relationships between components have been established. In this case these were the concrete geometry of the beam, the reinforcing bars, prestressing strands incl. groups and the cast in objects within the beams. The result exceeded the expectations!

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