Stairs, a fairly complex parametric building concept when we talk about precast elements. The production method of concrete stairs is laborious and expensive. The share of work preparation and engineering is therefore considerable in relation to the amount of material. At CADblanche we have managed to turn the engineering of the concrete prefab staircase into a simple autonomous tool. In this way we make the path from order to production negligibly short and of high quality.

The StairDesigner is a tool that works incredibly fast due to its intuitive interface. Moreover, it is easy to use. Stairs can be designed with minimal expertise. Also production drawings can be generated automatically. The StairDesigner has enormous potential in a market that demands standardized freedom!

"The StairDesigner is a process accelerator! The engineering is ready in no-time."




in no-time


for production



"Why have we always done it so traditionally? The StairDesigner eliminates the bottleneck in our planning."

The CADblanche StairDesigner has been set up as a plugin for Tekla Structures and can therefore be adapted to your wishes at any time. Your stairs can be directly integrated into the integral BIM. Engineering, modeling and validation is virtually no longer necessary. The production data can then be exported. We already made possible that you can autonomously create production drawings. This prevents work preparation time and chances of error that get in the way of your planning. The StairDesigner is revolutionary, flexible and quick to deploy and of course includes a process to ensure that the StairDesigner fits your production methods and standardization. And yes… the reinforcement can be generated! We are also happy to solve that puzzle for you.

CADblanche has developed the StairDesigner through an intensive constructive collaboration with Mombarg beton. This has made it a tool that all parties involved can be proud of!